Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Vandals

Hello Everyone. It isn't often that I write on a serious theme, but, our home was recently violated....and at Christmas time. Video surveillance caught these two vandals standing next to my home. The suspect on the left can be identified by the prison tattoo of a tear on his left eye. He goes by the street name "g-bread man" and is known for his handy work in rainbow graffiti. He calls it "ice-in" the place. During the night this crime took place he had one accomplice who managed to elude the camera. He appeared to be scantily clad wearing only 3 large strategically placed green, orange, and red buttons. The only audio that could be deciphered was something about "bite me". If you have seen these scum-bags, please let me know. I eat guys like this for breakfast.
Recipe:One store bought gingerbread house kitOne toddler to place candy in his mouth and then onto the gingerbread house

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