Sunday, December 30, 2007

Magic Cookies

Warning: The views expressed in the following blog are not necessarily the views of nice people.My sister and I were in the grocery store the other day when the checkout lady asked us what we intended to make. "Magic cookies", we politely replied. This, of course, caused the clerk to share her story about how she had just made her first batch of fudge last night. We, in turn, politely asked how it turned out. "Good", she responded. "There is still some in that there coke cooler behind you. Go on, try a little." We quickly shot each other a horrified look.....stranger fudge. I could almost taste the dog hair and cat pee."No thanks, we are still full from dinner," we replied. "Go on, try a little, I didn't poison it or nothin.""no thanks.""Go on, reach in there and git ya a piece. It musta been good, everyone else ate it up"Great, now we were dealing with stranger fudge felt up by a number of other strangers reaching for stranger fudge around the final stranger fudge piece that we were supposed to EAT and since she hadn't poisoned it or nothin and we were obviously not diabetic or allergic to nuts as our magic cookie ingredients had given us away, we had no other we ate the stranger fudge. No magic cookie is worth that. Now, here is a recipe for that cookie. It's pretty tasty once you pick the ferret whisker out of your teeth.
1/2 cup of butter, melt and put in the bottem of a 12x7 dish.
Layer the following ingredients in order...
1/2 cups ( 18sq of graham crackers crushed)
1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup chocolate chips
1 1/3 cups of coconut
1 15oz can condensed milk
Bake 350 15-20 minutes ( light brown on top)
( You can also add butterscotch chips with the chocolate chips for a twist )

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