Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vegan Chocolate Cake

Yeah that's right...I posted bacon and now I'm posting vegan!

Vegan recipes are great....they are perfect for me as I'm not so good about keeping eggs on hand, or milk for that matter. Alright truth be told milk and I don't get along, we don't have a very em "nice" relationship. I'm waiting for cheese to betray me as well, but so far we're still "OK".

This is really easy, the cake sticks together wonderfully, and in all honesty I think it taste just like those box cakes...and lets face it as much as we wish our homemade cakes were as light and tasty as box cakes, they just aren't. Except this one.

Note: Frosting....out of a can
Kumquat...just for looks (I'm shallow that way)


Also, I'm starting to think that using eggs in baked goods is sort of an old wives tale. I always thought it was the eggs that held it all together, but apparently not. I'm not sure why this cake works so well.

I'm not Alton Brown you know!



Kimberly Ann said...

Interesting - I haven't tried much vegan cooking. I did try a chocolate mayonnaise cake (which eliminates eggs and oil, if I remember right) and that turned out ok. I'll have to give this one a go.

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