Thursday, April 03, 2008

Stinky Funky Fish from a good.

I found a great blog called Janet is Hungry....unfortunately Janet appears to not be blogging much these days, but that's gives me time to catch up on all her amazing looking food! I tried this little number is the recipe. It's a Salmon & Cream Cheese Crepe and it is wonderful! This was my first crack at a crepes and turns out they are not so hard...and it also seems I've forgotten how heavenly they taste....even without the cream cheese and salmon...but I'm not saying I was eating them as I was making them...and I'm not saying I ate so many that my stomach hurt, and I'm not saying that I secretly wanted to keep them all to myself and and eat this entire cream cheese fishy delight.

Oh and one more note...if you have not ever dealt with salmon from a may seriously be the most disgusting thing I have ever does not smell good, it does not look good, and I still can't believe I ate it...but it was know, once it was "doctored up".


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Camille said...

I didn't do salmon from a can until I got married and DH LOVES grandma's salmon patties. I about lost my cookies the first I opened a can!! Thankfully I found the Sam's Club version (Member's Mark) to be AWESOME! None of the nastiness -- just all goodness.