Saturday, April 05, 2008


One of my favorite things about reading other peoples blogs is when I get the chance to snoop. Sure it's great to see what people are cooking, but I'm always curious what their home looks like. Is it polished and perfect, are there shoes and newspapers everywhere, are there 6,000 animals running around. Do they have a couch that dates back to 1972, is their space as sophisticated and sheek as the seemingly sophisticated and sheek meals they prepare? So, I thought maybe since blogging is a way of letting the world in on what your doing and sharing a piece of yourself with whomever comes along (reader/stalker) I would let you snoop around my living room/dining room in my "attic" apartment. I live in a historic house on the third floor in a little downtown district. As you can see I have an ancient TV that has been around since I was in High School and have a penchant for bouquets of pink flowers. This weeks happen to be carnations. And just as a side note and little tip, when buying bouquets of flowers ( which one should do regularly) try and buy ones that are all the same color...I find they look much better than bouquets with a mix of crazy yellow, purples, greens and reds. Just my opinion...but I'm right ;)



Heather said...


Anonymous said...

You look freakishly organized. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh! :)

Actually, I love the look of it but I could never keep a room like that clean enough.

My Vintage Kitchen said...

I do keep things pretty organized, just don't look in my closet! It's shoes and clothes EVERYWHERE!!!! haha

Somthing I sort of want to do, I saw in a magazine where they wrapped all their books in white paper and just printed lables for the spine...the only thing is I have a trillion books and it would take FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

ooo I love it!