Saturday, August 23, 2008

Who Likes to Rock the Party....

I like to rock the party....well, maybe not the party, but I like to rock new recipes. I like to rock new recipes from Gourmet Magazine...sometimes I DO ROCK the some awesome Shrimp Ettouffee I found in an old issue....but this recipe didn't really was barely soft rock...ok, I would have rather eaten a rock.

I give you Thai Fried Rice with Pepper Shrimp.

What could be wrong, in the words of Joey Tribiani... onions...good...but somehow when you mixed it all up.....
does that look like I sneezed in the rice? Anyway, when I mixed it up, it was TRES BLAND. Not even the peppered shrimp could save it.

Sometimes I don't understand Asian food...the ingredients are there, but it does not work out like I think it will. Now baking...I can rock that party!


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