Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watermelon Pickles Continued....

I have seen many recipes for watermelon pickles and to be frank...they look like something that has been rotting in the trash can. I noticed that none of these recipes include ALUM. You could leave out the alum but this would result in a soggy slime covered pickled. Ok maybe there is no slime as I've never eaten one, but it looks like slime. are some pictures of our pickle extravaganza! I will get the recipe up later today.



Heather said...

'bout time! I jest. Those look ....normal!

Pear tree cottage! said...

O! I have never seen watermelon pickles before and how lovely it looks too! wow I may just have to make some of that as soon as summer reaches us here but for the moment it's much nicer to huddle by the open your blog and enjoyed the reading of your posts.

Lee-ann in Australia

Terry said...

We just all had a sample of your watermelon pickles. Our reviews-

My daughter- Yuck.

My wife- Ick at first, and but a few seconds later- Interesting, and strange. Probably won't have any more.

Me- I like (just much a at one sitting). Sweet, and spicy flavors battle it out on the tongue. I think sweet wins in the end!