Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The White Trash Expo

A few weeks ago we girls from the Vin Kitch had a little clothing swap party. It was fantastic! We got a group of girls together to clean out their closets and bring over some "white trash" food. What could be more and not spending any money and eating junk food. Truth be told it was only perfect while we were doing it... one should never consume this much processed food in one sitting...ohhhh tummy ache. This was hands down my favorite, it was so tasty I would have never guessed what the "white trash" ingredient was....we give you Lyndsey's "Twinkiemisu"!
Next we had "Hostess Kabobs"

and what is a white trash fest without some spam and cheese? Two wonderfully bad casseroles from Becky and Amy. One filled with Mac & Cheese and SPAM the other a mix of frozen mixed veggies, cheese, sausage and all kinds of other "garbage".

We also had some beenie weenies, Cheetos, moon pies, Frito's and bean dip, and some sort of spray cheese. OH and I must not forget there was a can of Vienna Sausages...these were eaten strictly on dares.



What a wonderful way to pay homage to wholesome foods that I grew up on! I remember the days of my mom frying up the Spam in the skillet. I wonder if that contributed to my vegetarian lifestyle? Hmmmm.

My Vintage Kitchen said... know what is funny, I completely gross out by meat (cow)often times. About a month ago I thought...hmmm I'll try Sloppy Joe sice I had not eaten it in ages. The entire pot went down the drain...I couldn't bring myself to eat it...Robin and I toy with the vegetarian thing a lot!

Ali said...

oh my.....that sounds like a blast!!! you girls are a hoot. :)

Kimberly Ann said...

That twinkiemisu looks good! I guess I'm a little white-trashy myself.

to2sassy said...

Inside every foodie lies a bit of white trash. Ok maybe not EVERY foodie but definately this one. How about I actually like vienna sausages (with mustard or BBQ sauce) and I bought some just a few weeks ago for our hurricane preparations. Spam? Yup! Fried up with some cheese product (aka Velveta) and mustard to make a tasty sandwich. Yes, my stomach would protest that one but once in awhile you just gotta do it.

Ok, so you GOTTA post the Twinkiemisu recipe!!