Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nashville Indiana: Hobnob Corner Restaurant

Here in the Hoosier State every fall a large number of people trek down to Nashville Indiana. Nashville is a rustic and historic little village that sits in Brown County. There are loads of charming little shops, art galleries, and the fall foliage is absolutely stunning! One of the must do things in the village is to go to The Hobnob Corner Restaurant. The building was orginally a dry goods grocery and sundries store built in 1868 I can't say that I've ever eaten anything other than dessert there but the Ice Cream Sunday is a must! It's huge, so best to split it, or as evident from the after pic you can only eat so much of it! Or if you want to skip lunch and just eat ice cream you could maybe polish it off...but it's huge!

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Toni said...

Next time you are there you have GOT to try the black bean soup...very tasty. And they have a pretty decent tuna melt (comes with sprouts). A tip, though, you could suggest they go light on the cheese. It is so covered you can barely taste the onions and celery in the salad...still though, so yummy!