Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cat Shame, Pop Tops, & Cheese

Some of you know I work in an art gallery and have even been to my place of employment. We do a little gallery hop every month and I usually whip up something for the hop. Over at The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Ree, aka 'the Pioneer Woman" made these awesome goat cheese 'logs' (what else would you call them...log sounds so..well ...YOU KNOW.) and I was dieing to give them a try. She was right as usual...they are tasty and super easy to make. I've seen other variations on these, goat cheese in fresh chives, nuts, and various other herbs and spices...there are a lot of great variations on this recipe in (hard to believe it I know) Martha Stewart's Hor's Doeuvres Handbook. If you do a lot of entertaining as I do..this is a must have! I found mine at Half price books for $9... SUCKA!

Goat cheese with fresh dill

Goat cheese with Paprika

Fresh fruit with Farmers Cheese and Brie

While I was busy taking pictures of the nibbles...I also wanted to share with you this amazing, talented artists named John Strickland who has a fantastic quirky sense of humor. As you can see in the top picture there is a painting called "Cat Shame" and in this bottom one there is one in the background of a pop top on a can of soda. Very creative I think.

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to2sassy said...

I am also dying to try these. I knew when I saw the pic where you saw them before I even read it. I also have had goat cheese rolled in cracked pepper. Sounds like it would be overpowering but it was wonderful (but I really like pepper) I have definately found that simple is often wonderfully delicious and they are ususally my most sought after items when I cater.